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My Apartment in Zaragoza, Spain

I thought I’d give you all a little taste of what my digs are like here in Spain and post some much needed photos. At the end I’ve given some pros and cons to the place and a rent/utilities breakdown for anyone who’s interested. It may surprise you to know that our rent is considered ‘expensive’ for a one-bedroom apartment but since we’re in the city center, I can’t complain.

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A New Chapter, A New Look

Perhaps you’ve noticed that this blog has changed in appearance in the last few weeks. I have finally buckled down and tried to learn how to build a blog on my own (well, with a lot of really helpful plugins and gadgets). Why, you may ask? What the hell was I thinking? I’ve asked myself that second question a few times. I wanted to invest more time and energy into my blog to give you, my dear readers, good content and an easier blog to navigate. And boy did I invest a lot of time into building this thing! I had no idea I would spend hours and hours just figuring out how to change font colors, ‘continue reading’ buttons, or my favorite, changes that I would later undo. Continue reading A New Chapter, A New Look