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Hipmunk City Love: Miami on a Budget

I’m a major proponent of budget travel, and a vibrant city like Miami offers a lot of fantastic free activities that visitors should take advantage of. If you enjoy history, like to peruse artistic pieces, or revel in being outdoors, you’ll find dozens of places to spend your days. Here, I’ve compiled a varied list of free activities to enjoy in this subtropical city. So book your Miami hotel and save those precious dollars for some amazing Latin and Caribbean entertainment on offer in town. 

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Travel Tips for Visiting Tokyo

Tokyo is a city of contradictions. In this gigantic metropolis, old world meets new as skyscrapers tower over humble noodle shops and bullet trains blast past old shrines dedicated to the departed. Those visiting Tokyo perhaps have conflicting feelings about the city. While some revel in its contrasts and immensity, others crumble, overwhelmed by the maze of options. To get the most out of a trip to Tokyo, you need to be well-prepared and well-researched, as the city offers hundreds of sites worth visiting. These tips will assist in those preparations, but it’s best to do some additional research as well.

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