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My ‘Hood

This weekend I’m moving out of my lovely little apartment so I thought I’d share about my neighborhood and the people I visit on a (more or less) daily basis. Continue reading My ‘Hood


8 Funny Things Done Differently in Thailand

We’re all used to doing things a certain way based on where we grew up, and when we experience a break from that normalcy, it can be a bit of a shock. Sometimes, it can be downright hilarious. So here are 10 things that Thais do differently than I do back home in the US, things that made me giggle the first time I experienced them.

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Bangkok Budget Breakdown

Having now lived in Bangkok for over a year and chatting with many other fellow ex-pats, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide of a monthly budget in Bangkok. I’ve tried to demonstrate the possible ranges in this lovely city so that you get a decent idea of how much you’ll be spending if you take the plunge and move to Bangkok. Enjoy!

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