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4 Hidden Gems of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a top destination for world travellers. The tropical climate allows visitors to enjoy the region year-round and offers unspoiled natural habitats for exploring. Its rich history and ancient sites keep visitors coming back year after year. Both budget-minded and luxury travellers can find a wide range of accommodations to fit their needs, whether it’s under a jungle canopy or a secluded beach bungalow. If you’re looking to explore Southeast Asia off the beaten path, check out these hidden gems.

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Thai Tourist Visa

Many foreigners traveling to Thailand or working in Thailand without a work permit know the frustrations and confusion surrounding Thai Visas. There are a lot of rules to keep in mind as well as limitations to where you can get your visas, and it can easily become overwhelming. So after hours and hours of research, trips to most popular Thai borders, and some silly mistakes that cost me thousands of baht, I have assembled this little guide for your convenience. Your welcome! Continue reading Thai Tourist Visa