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Hipmunk City Love: Budget Hotels in Venice

Venice is a dream city for romantics. You can get lost among winding cobbled streets, drift lazily along narrow canals, and share a delicious meal under the twinkling lights of a small restaurant. Unfortunately, millions of people share the same romantic vision and flock to Venice in hoards, particularly in summer. Arriving in the city in spring or fall is a better option, as the streets are less crowded and Venice hotels offer better deals. So don’t shy away from this charming city, but choose your travel dates wisely and book hotels well in advance.

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A Trip to Rome: Tips for the Wary Traveler

Rome is a dazzling metropolis, full to the brim with famous works of art, culinary wonders, and unbelievably expensive clothing. The city has been one of the most important cultural centers in the world for thousands of years, which means you can hardly stroll through the center without stumbling upon a remarkable site. The sheer number of historical artifacts can be overwhelming. For some, it’s difficult to know where to start, how to see it all, and how to cut your list down to make sure you aren’t full of that terrible traveler’s regret: did I miss something essential to the Roman Travel Experience? This planning guide will help you answer these important questions.

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