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Breckenridge: Colorado’s Hidden Gem

Breckenridge is a dream location for travelers who love the great outdoors. Whether you’re looking for a cozy winter retreat or an adventurous summer escape, you’ll find plenty of ways to spend your time. Skiing and hiking remain the most popular activities for visitors, but history buffs and small-town enthusiasts will find gems here as well. Check out this list for unique activities to explore during your stay.

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Koh Phayam

Out of the Thai islands I’ve visited so far, Koh Phayam just might be my favorite (though I have plans to visit another island soon, so things may change!). What I love most about Koh Phayam is that it’s more or less cut off from the rest of the world. Internet can only be found in one or two places, electricity is run on generators for only a few hours a day, and there are no cars on the island (which would be silly, because there’s no roads big enough to hold them). It really feels like a secluded and secret place.

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