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Exploring Dupont Circle – Washington D.C.’s Trendiest Historic District

It’s difficult to describe the eclectic neighborhood vibe that radiates from the famous Dupont Circle. With a glorious fountain at its epicenter, the Circle looks out on lush Victorian mansions, delicious cafes and fancy embassies. You’ll also find bohemian boutiques, upscale shops, and dive bars nearby. There is a niche for every kind of traveler in this diverse neighborhood, and visitors could easily spend hours, if not days, lost in the surrounding streets. So book a budget hotel in Washington D.C. and consult this eclectic list of some of the most popular spots to visit in Dupont Circle:

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Survival Thai for Dining

Living in Thailand, you are exposed to some of the most fantastic, intense and delicious meals on Earth – so it’s really important that you aren’t held back from eating those wondrous dishes by a language barrier. Here I will give you some basic tools to get by in any restaurant. Continue reading Survival Thai for Dining

My Top 10 Favorite Thai Dishes

Having lived in Thailand for about a year and a half now, I have tried many variations of different dishes, and loved nearly all of them. It’s difficult to choose a favorite dish or two, which is why I chose 10. Let me introduce you to a world of deliciousness, including some classics you’ve probably heard of, and some dishes that you haven’t (you’re welcome).

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