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Exploring Vero Beach

Most travelers living outside of Florida are unaware of the charming town of Vero Beach, nestled along the stunning Treasure Coast. With a long maritime history that begins with a citrus shipping port, the town is full of historic gems that are well worth exploring. However, it’s the fantastic beaches and refuges as well as the local activities that keep visitors coming back year after year. So whether you’re enjoying Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with the family or trekking through the endless green spaces, there’s an abundance discoveries in this charming town. Be sure you don’t miss these major attractions in Vero Beach.

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Hipmunk City Love: Miami on a Budget

I’m a major proponent of budget travel, and a vibrant city like Miami offers a lot of fantastic free activities that visitors should take advantage of. If you enjoy history, like to peruse artistic pieces, or revel in being outdoors, you’ll find dozens of places to spend your days. Here, I’ve compiled a varied list of free activities to enjoy in this subtropical city. So book your Miami hotel and save those precious dollars for some amazing Latin and Caribbean entertainment on offer in town. 

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Hipmunk City Love: Beyond Orlando’s Amusement Parks

Most people make their way to Orlando for the world-famous amusement parks, missing out on all the other unique tourist activities in and around the city. While the parks are a lot of fun, they can quickly become quite expensive. If you’re heading to the city to enjoy fantastic weather or a weekend getaway in your Orlando hotel, skip the long park lines and consider these budget tourist activities instead.

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