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Where Will You Go In Cuba?

It’s time to start making dream itineraries now that Cuban borders are opening to American tourists. While boat companies await approval for high-speed ferries from Florida, you can decide which of the impressive provinces you’ll be visiting first. Since most American travelers are unfamiliar with the new restrictions, be sure to study up before you go (this Hipmunk blog post is extremely informative). In the meantime, here is a quick guide to the most popular destinations for your dream itinerary for visiting Cuba.

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Virginia Beach: An Adventurer’s Paradise

Many travelers flock to Virginia Beach for the gorgeous 300-foot-wide beach, but there is so much more to enjoy in this ocean-front city. Whether you love adventure sports, wildlife, or lazy days in the sun, each visitor will find his niche. While hotels can be pricy, there are plenty of budget options like the Oceanfront Inn that make a weekend getaway affordable for all budgets. Here is an eclectic list of the top activities to take advantage of in Virginia Beach.

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Hipmunk City Love: Exploring San Francisco

With such a huge international reputation, the city of San Francisco is surprising small. And as one of the most densely populated cities in the US, you won’t have to travel far to uncover dozens of local gems. This list is a compilation of the best areas of San Francisco to enjoy sight-seeing, relaxation, and some serious hobbies (like shopping and eating). So hit the pavement in this intriguing city and start with the most important districts.

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