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4 Hidden Gems of Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a top destination for world travellers. The tropical climate allows visitors to enjoy the region year-round and offers unspoiled natural habitats for exploring. Its rich history and ancient sites keep visitors coming back year after year. Both budget-minded and luxury travellers can find a wide range of accommodations to fit their needs, whether it’s under a jungle canopy or a secluded beach bungalow. If you’re looking to explore Southeast Asia off the beaten path, check out these hidden gems.

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Off the Beaten Path: Jackson’s Hidden Gems

Summers in Jackson are a magical thing, when snowy ski slopes transform into a network of forests and trails. The wildlife is abundant, the rivers are teeming with mountain water, and visitors flock to the area to enjoy the season’s gifts. Most summer trips to Jackson are incomplete without a photo under the antler arches or a rowdy evening at Jackson Hole Playhouse, but there are hidden gems to be found here, too. This list highlights the lesser-known activities on offer to help make your trip a little more special. For tips on where to stay, check out this guide to hotels in Jackson, Wyoming.

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Exploring Dupont Circle – Washington D.C.’s Trendiest Historic District

It’s difficult to describe the eclectic neighborhood vibe that radiates from the famous Dupont Circle. With a glorious fountain at its epicenter, the Circle looks out on lush Victorian mansions, delicious cafes and fancy embassies. You’ll also find bohemian boutiques, upscale shops, and dive bars nearby. There is a niche for every kind of traveler in this diverse neighborhood, and visitors could easily spend hours, if not days, lost in the surrounding streets. So book a budget hotel in Washington D.C. and consult this eclectic list of some of the most popular spots to visit in Dupont Circle:

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Exploring Vero Beach

Most travelers living outside of Florida are unaware of the charming town of Vero Beach, nestled along the stunning Treasure Coast. With a long maritime history that begins with a citrus shipping port, the town is full of historic gems that are well worth exploring. However, it’s the fantastic beaches and refuges as well as the local activities that keep visitors coming back year after year. So whether you’re enjoying Disney’s Vero Beach Resort with the family or trekking through the endless green spaces, there’s an abundance discoveries in this charming town. Be sure you don’t miss these major attractions in Vero Beach.

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Hipmunk City Love: Budget Hotels in Venice

Venice is a dream city for romantics. You can get lost among winding cobbled streets, drift lazily along narrow canals, and share a delicious meal under the twinkling lights of a small restaurant. Unfortunately, millions of people share the same romantic vision and flock to Venice in hoards, particularly in summer. Arriving in the city in spring or fall is a better option, as the streets are less crowded and Venice hotels offer better deals. So don’t shy away from this charming city, but choose your travel dates wisely and book hotels well in advance.

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Hipmunk City Love: Miami on a Budget

I’m a major proponent of budget travel, and a vibrant city like Miami offers a lot of fantastic free activities that visitors should take advantage of. If you enjoy history, like to peruse artistic pieces, or revel in being outdoors, you’ll find dozens of places to spend your days. Here, I’ve compiled a varied list of free activities to enjoy in this subtropical city. So book your Miami hotel and save those precious dollars for some amazing Latin and Caribbean entertainment on offer in town. 

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Hipmunk City Love: A District Guide to Munich

Munich is often ranked in the top 10 global cities with the best quality of life and it’s no mystery why. This charming city manages to maintain its cultural heritage while mixing in a booming technology sector and world-famous companies like BMW. Yet the city is also renowned for its top-notch museums, theaters, and art galleries. This intersection of economy, history, and culture makes Munich a fascinating city for travelers. While most of the famous tourist attractions are found in the city center, the surrounding districts each offer a unique opportunity for exploration. Use this district guide to choose your Munich hotel, and consider staying outside the center.

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