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The Lesser Known Gems of Barcelona

As a thriving European metropolis, many people make their way to Barcelona each year to see the famous sights like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Las Ramblas. Each of these offer something breathtaking and unique to their visitors, but for those who have been to Barcelona before or are spending more than a few days in the city, you may want to explore beyond the key sites. This list is therefore a compilation of the tourist activities in Barcelona that may not be on your radar just yet. So book your Barcelona hotel and add some of these activities to your trip’s itinerary.

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A Weekend in Barcelona: Part 1

Last weekend Reid and I headed to Barcelona for the second time this year. I started writing a post about it, only to discover I had never written about our first trip there back in September! So here, I will regale you with the details and photos of our trip.

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Climbing Montserrat: An Unintentional Pilgrimage

When I agreed to climb up Montserrat rather than take the Fernicular (or cable car), I thought I was trading views from a murky window for breathtaking expanses from craggy outcrops. And indeed I was. I was also trading hydration, comfort, regular breathing patterns, and stoicism. By the time I reached the top of that small mountain, I was sweaty and cranky as could be. But what an amazing journey it was! It was absolutely worth it.
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