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Hipmunk City Love: Budget Hotels in Venice

Venice is a dream city for romantics. You can get lost among winding cobbled streets, drift lazily along narrow canals, and share a delicious meal under the twinkling lights of a small restaurant. Unfortunately, millions of people share the same romantic vision and flock to Venice in hoards, particularly in summer. Arriving in the city in spring or fall is a better option, as the streets are less crowded and Venice hotels offer better deals. So don’t shy away from this charming city, but choose your travel dates wisely and book hotels well in advance.

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Hipmunk City Love: A District Guide to Munich

Munich is often ranked in the top 10 global cities with the best quality of life and it’s no mystery why. This charming city manages to maintain its cultural heritage while mixing in a booming technology sector and world-famous companies like BMW. Yet the city is also renowned for its top-notch museums, theaters, and art galleries. This intersection of economy, history, and culture makes Munich a fascinating city for travelers. While most of the famous tourist attractions are found in the city center, the surrounding districts each offer a unique opportunity for exploration. Use this district guide to choose your Munich hotel, and consider staying outside the center.

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Hipmunk City Love: Affordable Hotels in Downtown Dubai

Dubai is a city of desert glamour, where the tallest and largest describe the city’s architectural monstrosities. If you can dream it, it probably exists in this intriguing city, home to the largest population of immigrants in the world. Though the city is one of the wealthiest in the world, you don’t have to break the bank to enjoy a weekend downtown. Choose from this list of affordable hotels in Dubai and enjoy a luxurious stay in this intriguing city.

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Hipmunk City Love: A Weekend in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city of contradictions, where huge modern shopping malls tower over small traditional Thai houses and food carts sit perched on the sidewalk in front of high-end restaurants. The contradictions are what make Thailand such a unique and fascinating place. It also allows for visitors of all types and budgets to have a great time in this bustling city. Having lived in Bangkok for almost two years, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite tourist activities and local hangout spots. So book one of the cheap hotels in Bangkok near one of the city’s transit stops and hit the humid streets of Bangkok.

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Making a Trip to Madrid: The Basics

Madrid is often called the cultural and historical hub of Spain. With a thriving art scene, world-renowned museums, and dozens of impressive, monumental structures, Madrid lives up the that name. You can stroll through the touristy Plaza Mayor or be impressed by the grandeur of Palacia Real. Get lost among the funky and unique barrios (neighborhoods) or in the mass of red at a heated Real Madrid football match. There is a niche here for all types of travelers, so book your Madrid hotel in a great location and dive in.

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Enjoying Amsterdam on a Budget

Amsterdam is a romantic, intriguing, and historical place. Known for its winding canals and tiny houses, the city is a delight to explore. Setting out with your map and camera can produce hours of entertainment alone, but it’s always fun to partake in the local tourist activities. As its popularity in Europe increases, Amsterdam can be a bit pricey for budget travelers and backpackers. Those extra euros here and there start to make a big difference. Here, I’ve assembled a guide of budget tips for traveling on the cheap in Amsterdam. They are based mostly on my own mistakes and discoveries in Amsterdam.

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The Lesser Known Gems of Barcelona

As a thriving European metropolis, many people make their way to Barcelona each year to see the famous sights like Sagrada Familia, Park Guell, and Las Ramblas. Each of these offer something breathtaking and unique to their visitors, but for those who have been to Barcelona before or are spending more than a few days in the city, you may want to explore beyond the key sites. This list is therefore a compilation of the tourist activities in Barcelona that may not be on your radar just yet. So book your Barcelona hotel and add some of these activities to your trip’s itinerary.

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