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Teaching in Thailand

mebangkokaptHow I Got Here: My journey to Thailand and how I settled in Bangkok

watbenMy School : Basic information about the school where I teach English

P1050665Why Teach in Thailand : 7 reasons why you should teach English in Thailand

jobofferGetting a Job : How-to guide for finding a teaching   position in Thailand

students3A Day in the Life : A look at my daily schedule teaching English at my high school in Bangkok 

students1Example Science Lesson : A breakdown of how I give my science lessons and an example of what it looks like live

teachingmonksDo’s and Don’ts : What you should, or more importantly, should not do when teaching English in Thailand¬†

P1080757Naughty Language : Things your students say in Thai when they think you can’t understand them

toonfunnyTeaching Stories and Snapshots : Hilarious, silly, and strange stories and assignments that have taken place this school year

DSC01911 - CopyCo teachers : How to get on good (or better) terms with the Thai co-teachers at your school

sdcourtSports Day : All about the Thai version of Field Day and what it was like at Wat Ben

WatBenxmasmeandstudentsChristmas at Wat Ben :  How we celebrated Christmas at my school in Bangkok

Living in  Thailand

aomthaiSurival Thai : A collection of guides to help you speak Thai in different scenarios: Prounciation, For the Classroom

somtumThai Food : My top 10 favorite Thai dishes 


P1100296Bangkok Transport Guide: An in-depth explanation of all of the modes of transportation that Bangkok has to offer

groceriesBangkok Budget Breakdown: A general budget guideline for monthly expenses in Bangkok

fruitguyMy ‘Hood : All about the local vendors and stalls that I visit in my Thai neighborhood

thaivisaThai Visa : Everything you need to know about getting different tourist visas for Thailand


vaccine-cancerVaccinations : Information on where and how to get vaccinations in Bangkok


P1100497New Experiences : Things I did in Thailand that I didn’t expect!


soidogshirt8 Funny Differences : Eight things that Thais do differently than I do that make me chuckle

P1080660The Hard Parts : The 5 hardest things about transitioning to life in Thailand

squatterSquat Toilets : How to use and embrace the squat toilets of Thailand


spain1Onward to Spain! : Why I’m writing about Spain in this blog

learnspanish2Useful Websites : Great online resources for learning or brushing up on your Spanish

auxiliarespicAuxiliares Application : A how-to guide and information for applying to the Auxiliares de Conversación program in Spain.


P1060872Chiang Mai: The Basics and What to See and Do

P1070336Koh Phayam : All you need to know about this small, secluded island


kohtaoboatKoh Tao : The diving mecca of Thailand that offers so much more than just diving

P1100408Koh Lipe : The Southernmost island in Thailand with powdery white beaches

P1100740Koh Tarutao : The adventure island of Thailand that nobody knows about


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Information and stories about living and teaching abroad