This blog was created in the hopes of inspiring, informing, and encouraging others to pursue their teaching and travel dreams.


With no future plans and some major post-graduate crises to avoid, I left the US to teach English in Thailand in 2012. Originally planning a 6 month journey, I ended up staying for two years. I have realized the joys of expatriate living, the hilarity and frustration of teaching English to Thai students, and the freedom of dodging constant ‘so what’s next?’ questions (and taxes). My next step is a journey back to good ol’ Spain, where I discovered my love of wine and pan tostada con tomate. I’ll be teaching English there as well, though those plans are still a bit up in the air.


This blog is therefore a compilation of things I have learned (struggled to learn, I may add) through my experiences in Thailand as well as Spain. I hope that there is something useful here for everyone, whether you are interested in teaching or living abroad, traveling through my favorite countries, or living vicariously through my strange life. Enjoy!


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Information and stories about living and teaching abroad