About Me

Me, in Barcelona.

Hi there. If you’re wondering more about who I am, well, I’ll tell you. If you’re wondering more about how I ended up in Thailand, check out this post. If you’re wondering more about why I’m currently in Spain, read here. If you just want to know more about me, read on…

I am currently an Auxiliar de Conversación in Zaragoza, Spain. For me, that means teaching around two hundred 8-12 year-olds English, and I absolutely love it. Though they frustrate me from time to time, especially when they make fun of my Spanish accent, I really enjoy learning from them and inspiring them to learn English. And living in Spain has been a great way to improve my Spanish and see different parts of the world.

Scoping out the snow in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Scoping out the snow in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

I’m also a free-lance travel writer and am currently working on a project for Hipmunk City Love. I love writing about the places I have lived and visited because it gives me a chance to sort my thoughts out and get just a little bit closer to figuring out where I want to settle down (if ever). Though I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest, USA, I’ve left my heart now in quite a few places (and not always willingly!).

I used to live in Bangkok, Thailand where I taught English and learned to deal with a whole slew of crazy things. From lady-boy students flashing their bras at me to running out of gas in the middle of a rural mountain to wading through a pitch-blake cave with spider and snake-laden walls, I’ve had some interesting adventures.

My zany students and I in Bangkok, Thailand at Christmas (it was 80 degrees that day…)

For now I am content to spend my time abroad, learning about the world and experiencing different cultures. I love to travel but I love the creature comforts of home too. I’m especially interested in other languages, vegetarian food, outdoor exploration, handmade crafts and baking. I’m currently trying to figure out if teaching is something I could do long-term, or if I should run for the hills. Join me as I document my experiences, reflections, and occasional musings.



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Information and stories about living and teaching abroad