Hipmunk City Love: Top Budget Hotels in Seoul’s Yongsan District

Seoul is quickly becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in Asia, as international travelers flock to the capital of South Korea for K-POP, high technology, and fantastic food. This enormous city has a multitude of attractions to offer all types of visitors, with the various districts peppered with affordable hotels. As someone drawn to the more cultural side of travel, I’ve focused this article on budget hotels in Seoul’s Yongsan District, just north of the Han River.

Elle Inn Hotel

Photo by Amber Kotcher via Trover.com

One of the more luxurious hotels on this list, Elle Inn features elegantly modern and well-furnished rooms complete with free Wi-Fi and a minibar. These tranquil spaces are decently sized compared to other budget accommodation in Seoul. Elle Inn is nearby to major sites like the National Museum and Namsan Park, as well as the NamYong subway station. That means getting around to other districts in the city will be a breeze.

Hill House Hotel

Photo by Stephen Popescu via Trover.com

The Hill House Hotel is a true gem in the Yongsan district, due to its fantastic location. From here you are just a few minutes on foot from the famous Namdaemun Market and Gyeongbok-gung Palace. You’ll also have your choice of international restaurants just around the corner. The rooms are extremely basic but comfortable, featuring a minibar and complimentary breakfast. This is a good choice for travelers who want to focus their budget on exploring the city.

New World Hotel

The New World Hotel is a true budget option, priced at less than $50 per night if you book in advance. That doesn’t mean that you’ll be skimping on comfort though; each of the 41 rooms in this hotel feature free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and in-suite coffee makers and refrigerators. While furnishings are sparse, you’ll have plenty of space for your things. The New World is well-located near the National Museum and Gyeongbok Palace.

Town Guesthouse 2

Photo by Randolph Kim via Trover.com

Reaching the northern limits of the Yongsan district, Town Guesthouse 2 is a great, homey option for your stay in Seoul. With rooms that feel more personable that your average hotel, you’ll enjoy eclectic, but comfortable, furnishings and great amenities like cable television, and air conditioning. Some units come with furnished kitchens and clothes dryers. This guesthouse is just a few minutes walk to Seoul Station which offers access to most major sites.

Seoul Station Pencil Hostel

Another fantastic budget option and the cheapest on our list, Seoul Station Pencil Hostel offers a range of room types that give you more flexibility with your travel. Room amenities range from private en-suites with fully furnished kitchens to small dormitories with a shared bathroom. You’ll be just a few minutes walk from the Women’s University which has many budget-friendly restaurants. For the truly frugal traveler, Seoul Station Pencil Hostel is a great choice. 

With so many interesting avenues to explore in the historic center of Seoul, you’ll want a convenient home base that’s easy to reach by public transport or on foot. Any of these Yongsan district accommodations would be a great budget option.


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