Things I did in Thailand that I never thought I would do

This post is pretty straightforward: it’s a list of things I never saw myself doing and yet at one point or another, I did them all in Thailand!

1. Ride on the back of a motorbike through Bangkok

Me, on a moto :)

2. Eat fried scorpion

3. Snorkel out to a deserted island


4. Get a Rabies series

5. Pay a police bribe

6. Camp on the beach of a tropical island


7. Scuba dive

8. Mountain bike through the middle of the jungle


9. Swim through a pitch black cave

10. Not flinch at rats or cockroaches

11. Stay in a remote village in the mountains


12. Snorkel with sharks

13. Go days without toilet paper (bum guns are so awesome!)

14. Build an international network of friends


15. Sing karaoke in Thai and share beers with island locals

16. Swim naked in the ocean because the beaches were empty

17. Eat frog

18. Teach Buddhist monks


19. Go 18 months without drying my hair

20. See a python in the wild

21. Get used to having zero space bubble

22. A sunrise hike (or maybe, manage to wake Reid up before sunrise…)


23. Learn how to jump between cultural codes in a matter of minutes

24. Take part in a city-wide water fight


25. Haggle down the price of a medical bill

26. Sleep in a floating bungalow


27. Feel comfortable holding hands with every older Thai lady I encountered (those ladies love to hold your hand while they chat with you!)

28. Feed an elephant



What kinds of things have you done while traveling that you never though you’d do? Share below in the comments! 


One thought on “Things I did in Thailand that I never thought I would do”

  1. Sleep on an overnight train, use a squat toilet while on such train, play with and walk around with elephants, eat fried weeds, tour on a long tail boat.

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